South African Tourism (SAT) are confident its new advertising campaign will attract thousands of visitors to South Africa over the next few years. The new campaign which uses similar concepts to its ’20 Experiences in 10 days’ which ran last year is being launched on BBC World & CNN International as well as National Geographic. It aims to reach more than a billion people a month.

The campaign is based around 4 couples from China, Germany, Angola & Brazil who are travelling through South Africa and experiencing its many highlights such as Kruger National Park, Cape Town, the beautiful Eastern Cape and Drakensberg mountain range. “This campaign speaks to target consumers in their own languages, in Mandarin, Portuguese and German in the instance of this, the second phase, of the campaign. Strong online content creates talkability about South Africa,” says Roshene Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at SA Tourism.

“Our ambition with the campaign is quite simple. We wanted to use ordinary people to show how accessible our destination is; to show how much they enjoy the experiences South Africa offers. In using regular members of the public, we successfully position South Africa as accessible to billions of travel consumers the world over. Nothing is scripted and nothing is acted. It’s all real, spontaneous and authentic. We’re very proud of this campaign, and we are satisfied that BBC World and CNN International will take our message to the widest, and most appropriate global audiences,” says Singh.