1. Passenger: where used in these reservation conditions refers to the passenger who signed the reservation form and all passengers on whose behalf it is signed.
  2. Confirmation: Booking will only be confirmed by Wild Africa Travel Company upon receipt of this signed Reservation Form accompanied by the required payment.
  3. Reservations and deposits: Reservations are subject to availability and will only be confirmed upon written notice from Wild Africa Travel Company. The passenger signing the reservation form warrants that he or she has the authority of the passenger’s therein designated, whether by name or not, to make this booking on their behalf subject to the conditions contained herein.
  4. Price and availability: These are subject to confirmation at time of booking for any packages or tours. Prices may be subject to slight variation to take into account International currency fluctuations and other variables beyond Wild Africa Travel Company control. Notice will be given at time of final balance payment if prices have varied.
  5. Payment Schedule:
    Deposit: 25% deposit upon booking
    Final payment: 60 days prior to travel
  6. Payment methods: All payments sent to Wild Africa Travel Company must include the tour name, invoice number and surname to ensure payment is matched to the passenger’s booking:
    – Credit Card: A merchant fee will be charged for all credit card payments,  (Visa and Mastercard – 1.5% American Express – 3.2% Diners – 2.6%)
    – Direct deposit and money direct: If payment is made via direct deposit or Money Direct then payment will not be acknowledged unless written confirmation of the specific details of the transaction are provided to Wild Africa Travel Company.
    – Personal cheque, bank cheque and money order: Please ensure cheques are sent to Wild Africa Travel Company with all relevant booking information including tour name, invoice number and surname.
  7. Late payments: If payments are not received by the dates outlined in the payment schedule, Wild Africa Travel Company will add a late payment fee of $50 to the amount due.
  8. Amendments: Limited amendments can be made at a cost of $50.00 per amendment.
  9. Cancellations: No refunds will be given for cancellations.
  10. Names on Passports: It is vitally important that the names advised on this booking form are exactly as they appear in the passenger’s passport. Wild Africa Travel Company will take no responsibility if incorrect names and/or spelling are provided by the passenger on the reservation form which results in amendment fees charged by the airlines or operators will be passed onto the passenger by Wild Africa Travel Company.
  11. Airlines: Some airfares may be subject to special conditions beyond Wild Africa Travel Company control. Please ensure the passenger understand all applicable details prior to booking.
  12. Departure taxes: Some countries have departure taxes that need to be paid upon departure from that particular country and these are not included in the advertised tour package price.
  13. Passport & Visas: Wild Africa Travel Company are not responsible for passport, visa requirements, entry, health or other requirements of the countries visited or for any loss sustained by the passenger for failing to comply with laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements. Non Australian passport holders are responsible for arranging any extra visas and re-entry requirements.
  14. Unused tour services: Refunds will not be made in respect of unused accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, tickets, transfers, or any other services which are included in the tour cost but not utilised by the passenger.
  15. Third Parties: No agents, representatives, conductors or any other passenger’s are authorised to have any right to promise to refund any sums paid or to remit any sums payable, either wholly or in part or to agree to any variation of these conditions of booking.
  16. Luggage: Luggage and personal effects are at passenger’s own risk. It is stressed that Wild Africa Travel Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to passenger’s personal luggage or effects from any cause whatsoever, even though handled by Wild Africa Travel Company servants or agents and it is recommended that luggage be insured for the duration of the holiday or tour.
  17. Responsibility & Liability: Wild Africa Travel Company does not accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of persons providing services in connection with the passenger’s package and over whom Wild Africa Travel have no control. Wild Africa Travel Company and / or its associated companies or Agents give notice that they act as booking agent only for the persons or companies providing or offering the means of travel conveyance, transport, accommodation, or other services and all receipts, dockets, vouchers, coupons or exchange orders are issued under the terms and conditions under which transportation and other services are provided. Wild Africa Travel Company shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity that may be caused or arising during any tour under its management, sponsorship, procurement, or otherwise notwithstanding that the Company’s principal may be a foreign company, corporation or person. So far as the company shall not be acting as such booking agent it shall be deemed to be acting as Agent for the person making the reservation. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure he or she is in possession of the other travel documents and that they are in compliance with the current government and transportation company’s regulations. The transportation companies or firms shall be exempt from liability in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury however and by Whomsoever caused and of what ever kind occurring of or to passengers at any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated by the transport companies or firms.